Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Nozzle Selection


Thanks @Tom_Bresson :wink:


Are we any closer to getting a solution here?
Astroprint is great because it actually has a profile for the Creator Pro, but we really need extruder selection.
It seems like it’s been a long while since the “watch this space” reply last year.
I am especially interested in the cloud version, rather than the astrobox.


@Oliver_Rokison We’re in final phases of development of a new UI for the AstroBox and monitoring screen to properly support more than one extruder. Followed by this, will be default extruder selection.


Many thanks for your quick reply Daniel.
Will this apply to the cloud based software too?
For me at the moment, the ability for my students to log in, upload an STL, and slice it to get a .x3g file is the main functionality I’m looking for.


Yes, it will be implemented on the cloud also


Is it implemented now?
I have installed today (7th Oct '17) AstroPrint and I can’t find in the webUI the setting for the extruder 1 or 2 even if I have set numbers of extruder=2 for the FFCP.


It’s under test right now. Soooooon :wink:


I cant waittttttttttttttttttttttttttt…!!! :heart_eyes:


Its the new year. Just found this system I like it except I cannot use it with my Printer, doesn’t show the Extruder settings. Where is the development on this?


Given you guys were in testing for this stuff in Oct. 2017, where the updates at?

4 months is a really long time in software development…


The updates are part of the software that goes into the AstroBox Touch which has been our focus for the last few months. Once that is out and all the Kickstarter backers receive their units, we will release a version of the standard AstroBox that contains this.

Thanks for your continued patience.


Has there been any progress on this. I also have a Flashforge creator pro and I use the left extruder. Need option to use it.


Yes, you can select your extruder by adding


to your start gcode in the astroprint’s printer profile section (under advanced)