Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Nozzle Selection


There’s no intention to drop dual extrusion. To the contrary we are increasing it. This error was likely introduced while attempting to fix something in the dial extrusion area.

Unfortunately we have been bogged down by issues with the Cura 3 deploy. This error while I completely agree that it’s annoying to those affected only affects Sailfish-based dual extrusion machines which are a small subset of our users. Coupled with the fact that our FFCP printer has been down due to a broke extruder train which prevents us from doing a quick trial without first using significant time in fixing the HW issue.

Don’t get me wrong this WILL be addressed but at the moment we have other pending issues that affect a greater subset of people.

Thanks for your patience


We have deployed a fix for this. Could you please try and report if it’s working?


I’ve just tested it and it seems to have worked. Thanks for the fix!