Hephestos 2 Profile


I installed AstroPrint on one of my SD Cards, connected it to my printer and made the setup.
But i can´t get a Profile for my Printer, wich is a BQ Hephestos 2 with A4 print surface.

The only printer i can find is the Witbox 1.

Will this Printer added in future updates?


just use custom printer, and manually enter all the settings for your printer. i don’t think the pre set profiles actually add anything specific for that printer to astrobox


@jordan, pre-set profile do add quite a lot in the form of optimized print settings, start/end gcode and printer features.

@Sisko4, we usually add profiles when printers become popular. We’ll put that printer in the queue to add next.


Thx Guys!

I set it as custom Printer atm and test it today.

@Daniel: The Printer is popular since last year btw :wink:


@Sisko4 I have added the printer to our system


Big thx Daniel! Gonna test it soon again.


I am updating our compatibility page and would like to update the Hephestos 2 as ‘verified to be compatible.’ Can you verify that AstroPrint is working with your Hephestos 2?