How do i use Astroprint with a Replicator 2X's double extruders?


Does anyone know how to use the multiextruder support in AstroPrint? Preferably on a Replicator 2X. In the UI of Astroprint i see it is possible to enter different materials, assign different filament types to a printer, set up a printer’s number of extruders; but no way of assigning a filament to one of those extruders or how to assign a design (stl) to a specific extruder on a printer.

I need some education here… :confused:



At the moment we don’t support that kind of slicing in the cloud. You can use multi-extruder for example to create the support or your adhesion with a different extruder but not to print in different colors. You can however slice elsewhere and upload a print file to the cloud.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick response! Sad to hear though that after several years now that functionality still has not found its way into the Astroprint cloud. Makerbot has been passed from company to company several times now and support for anything previous to their 5th gen printers has long been abandoned.
Do you have any advice on 3D slicers/printtable assemblers that are able to produce dual extruder X3G code for the Replicator 2X and runs on Linux? I know the rather closed sourcedness of it is what limits its usability with Astroprint or any other 3D printing management software. But of all the printers i have/had (Orca .03, Snapmaker v1, Anet A6, Ibox Nano) The Makerbot Replicator 2X has been the one most reliable workhorse i have. I’d hate to lose that or not use its full capacity.

thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

Cura is pretty good at that. Also Simplify3D thought it’s not free.

With S3D you can output X3G I believe.

Regarding Cura you would need to get your GCODE and transform it into X3G using GPX or maybe this Cura plugin.