I have 2 questions


I have an Raspberry Pi 1 sitting on the shelf. Will it be able to run Astroprint?
If yes what would I miss compared to using a newer model?

and the second question

I’d have a neat little snippet of gcode I’d drop in just after a specific layer change. Made for a seamless change to another color of filament, or let me drop something inside the print. Bonus was that I didn’t have to babysit the print for it, either.

It only worked when printing from the sd card, though.

Once I got astroprint set up and working, my neat little snippet didn’t work anymore since I didn’t use the SD card on the printer anymore.

If there was a way to tell Astroprint to pause at a specific layer?



Your Rpi1 will work just fine. I don’t think you miss out on anything other than some boot-up and UI speed.

We can’t at the moment program the box to stop a particular layer but you CAN create the GCODE somewhere else and send it to you astrobox via its web interface.