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Hi, I’m Ty and I teach STEM in Dalton, GA. We use the New Matter Mod-t printers for our projects.

I found out about AstroPrint when New Matter closed. Until now we had very few problems with our prints but now we’re lucky to have a few print correctly. Joined this forum to hopefully figure out how to fix these issues.



Welcome @Richard_Turnock & @Ty_Miller to the forums! :slight_smile:

Pleasure to have ya’ll here!


Hi, Geoff here from South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

I have Coccoon Create from Aldi (Re-branded Wanhao Duplicatoe i3 Plus)

I got into 3D printing because I love tinkering and My wife is into minatures (Doll Houses) and spends a fortune on minature furniture, I told her with a 3D printer I could make her furniture for her… Well, I thought it was a good excuse anyway.

I just started using Astroprint on my raspberry Pi networked to my printer and so far it has worked flawlessly…

I use Astroprint on my desktop as well.

I tried other programs before Astroprint, but like how Astroprint works.




Welcome @Geoff_Brown :slight_smile:

Pleasure to have you here!

Interesting hobby too! :stuck_out_tongue: