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Hello All :slight_smile:

I have been 3D printing for about 2 years now…I have a I3 clone and recently built a D-Bot (CoreXY) printer and decided to add a Rasperry Pi and AstroPrint to it. I loved the interface and the ease of use so much, I put another Pi on my I3 as well. It is a very nice setup, thank you for such a great design!




Sounds great!

Welcome to the forums!

Glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Hi all.

I am Ronald i am from the Netherlands. My printer is a Renkforce RF100. I use my printer to stay connected to the technical wordl and to repair and design stuff. I am looking to be able to monitor my prints, including camera, from anywhere i am.

I am running astrobox from a raspberry pi 3 since today. Had some troubels getting it working but i got it going. Just some problems with the camera since i use an action cam that times out and has to be setup at evrey start. So probably i will look into a simple webcam to get things running.

Still getting to grips with things but at least i gave the first print order from another room then the printer is in. I am first going to read the forums on issues before i might come back with some questiond.

Grtz Ronald.



Welcome to the forum Ronald!

Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

If you are going to get another camera, please try to get one of the tested, compatible cameras.



I’m from France near Paris.

I like creating small and medium object. I use 123d design and onshape.
3D printing is very good for RC cars!

I have a FlashForge Creator Pro 2016 since middle 2016.

First, some friends talked me about Octoprint last year, but I’m using a wifi sdcard without any issue.
Now I have a spy camera, a very good product.
I made a few tests with Octoprint but it’s very unstable on PC and Raspberry with my Printer.
Then I found info on web forums about astroprint and good link with flashforge.
Astroprint is installed since yesterday and works pretty well with internal wifi ( reactivated because I haven’t an usb wifi dongle). Let’s see if it works with long prints.

I hope astroprint will support 2 nozzles, because for the moment I can’t slice with astroprint, and I can’t see the second extruder.

My final step is to test the possibility to stop a print via a remote access when I’m not at home if the print fails.

Congratulation for this software!


Hi All-

I am Matt

  1. I am from Wyoming, Utah and currently Idaho, USA.

  2. 3D printing is fun. I am a physicist and enjoy using 3D printing to create data collection tools, mostly protective housings for electronics, as I try to lower the cost of scientific equipment and make it more available. But I also just do it for fun.

  3. I currently have a Printrbot Simple Metal Silver, I like it, but am really looking forward to getting a Prusa i3 MK3 with a multicolor package.

  4. I have used AstroPrint for a few years now after having unpleasant experiences with OctoPrint. I searched Google for alternatives and have loved AstroPrint ever since. Excellent software, love the application of the RPi, and when I have questions or troubleshooting AstroPrint always responds quickly and helps me get through and back to printing.

Bonus: I am really looking forward to AstroBox Touch, I am getting a 5". I actually designed my own because I could not wait. Anyone interested in making their own AstroBox Touch 3.5" can download my design at Thingiverse:




Welcome to the forums Matt! :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here!

Also, pretty cool case you got there!

Nice job!


Hello… Realized I should probably drop this here.

My name is Steve. I’m from near Toledo, Ohio, USA.

I’ve been 3d Printing for about 4 years or more and love showing kids how to make stuff. I help the local school by running a 3d Design / Printing club for my own kids’ grades and this year they finally got some of their own printers. Previously we were using mine and they supplied filament.

I have a Wanhao Duplicator 4s that I’m in the process of fixing (again) that was my first printer and about a year ago I won a Tevo Little Monster in a contest so that is currently my goto printer. (after a few fixes.)

I started out with astroprint when looking to figure out a way to link my Tevo up wirelessly early last year. I’ve also backed the ABTouch and look forward to getting that whenever it happens. (No Pressure!)

My improvement suggestion is already in the works and that is upgraded CURA support and I’d love it if Simplify3D would get off their butts and figure out how to work with astroprint to send directly from the computer. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Stephen_Shimatzki!

Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Albert Garangou from Spain, and I discovered astroprint a month ago, but I started using it this week, it’s very simple to use but very complete and useful! before I was using normal SD printing, but it’s much productive to use a monitoring software like astroprint. Frist, I used Octoprint, but it was like a bit messy. Now I can’t print without astroprint, if I have a problem with astrobox, I don’t want to use SD card! :grimacing::joy:
I think it’s amazing how astroprint have grown, and it’s surprising how somebody can do all this, with not much team members!
Currently, I have a BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos, but I’va used also a BQ Withbox 1 & 2.
I really love 3D printing because you can design and print lot of things and cool stuff, but if you don’t know how to use cad programs, there is a huge community with a lot of ideas! (and also with a lot of free time like me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:).
I’ve had used 3d printing for educational purposes, but the 99% of time it’s for my own ideas and design.
Never stop improving!


Welcome @Albert!

It’s a pleasure to have you here! :innocent::pray:

Also, looks like you’ll find the Ultimate 3D Printing Cheat Sheet to be helpful :wink:


I live near Syracuse NY, been into 3d printing for a few just finally got my own printer, I have an Anet A6 but also have access to makerbot replicator 2.0. I heard about astroprint while looking for options to use my printer from my mobile phone. I like the astroprint plugin so far I guess it would be better if there were some tutorials on getting setup (I didn’t need one but might be useful for other new users).



Welcome to the forums @skillfulhacking!

Pleasure to have you here! :metal::innocent:


The idea of getting the junk in my head into the real world appealed to me. I currently have two printers. One a CR-10S and a Prusa Research MK2S with an MK3, hopefully, soon on its way. I hope to by an AstroPrint, probably a Touch, for each. but being technologically impaired I really need some questions answered. I want to make sure that what I “think” I am reading is actually what I “am” reading. Hope that makes sense. So here we go. First I have WiFi at home and it is on 24/7 and it is 20 mbs.

Will the Touch:
Allow for remote, real time, video monitoring from anywhere I can get access to the 'net on my Android?
If so what is the approximate lag time?
Will it allow me to turn off the hotend and heated bed remotely?
Is a Logitech 920 or 922 compatible with it?
What doe the Touch use for power? Wall plug or the USB (I am assuming here) cable from the Printer?

I now it has a lot of features but, at this time, these are the basics I am looking for. I know the information is out there and I have probably read it more than once but I am not “getting” it.

I enjoy the work I do with my printers. It mixes the mechanical with the technological. As a 52 year old fat man it lets have the illusion that maybe I can get up to speed with the new millennium in another 20 years or so.



Welcome @Neal_Weeks!

Pleasure to have you here! :slight_smile:

To answer your questions…

Yes. You can use our web interface to do real time video monitoring.

We have AstroPrint Mobile (on Android) but we don’t have real time video monitoring available YET on the mobile app. But, it’s coming :wink:

Based on your connection, there shouldn’t be much of a lag. Even if there’s a lag, your brain shouldn’t notice it :wink: – I personally haven’t seen much of a lag with the live streams…

It won’t let you turn off the printer (yet?) – but you can certainly cool down the heated bed. The bed will be nice and cool when the printer is NOT active by default…

Presuming you are talking about the Logitech C920, yes, it is on our list of AstroPrint compatible cameras.

Wall plug.

@Neal_Weeks: If you want to test everything out for cheap, you can test this all out with our free, open source AstroBox Gateway (you just need a $35 Raspberry Pi 3). :slight_smile:

We also have AstroPrint Desktop – which might be useful for you.

Hope that answers all the questions.

If you have more questions, please start a new thread (since this is all off topic) and I’d be happy to answer them :slight_smile:


Hello, Dave from NJ here. I’ve been printing for about 8 months. I fly race drones so having a printer allows me to design and make my own parts. I also have children, so making things for them .I own a Prusa MK2S and a MK3 which I just finished building. I found out about Astroprint when I was looking into remote monitoring of my printer. I almost went with octoprint, but the features that Astroprint offered over Octo was enough to sway me.


Welcome David!

Pleasure to have you here! :slight_smile:

Being a drone racer INSTANTLY makes you the coolest dad in NJ :blush:


My name is Tim.
I’m from Scottsdale, AZ
I’ve been wanting a 3D printer for a long time and finally found one I could afford.
My main interest is printing movie props i.e. phasers from Star Trek and other Sci Fi genres and such for my costuming hobby.

I have a Mod-t printer from New Matter. Unfortunately, New Matter is going out of business and I had to down load your program as per their webpage suggestion.

I really need to have the ability to rotate my files to fit them on my print tray and to also flip them so that I can print them with the flat side down. For example, one file I have prints on the side and if I could lay it down I wouldn’t need to print the supports.


Hey @Tim_VanDenover!


Glad to have you here!

As far as rotating designs etc, perhaps try out AstroPrint Desktop :slight_smile:


1.) Where are you from?
Location Beaverton Oregon USA
2.) Why are you interested in 3D Printing?
Started with Printrbot in September 2013. Hobby Retired.
Build and maintain Eleven 3D printers at local high school.
Encouraging students to use CAD, prototype, learn about engineering.

3.) What printer(s) do you use?
Makerbot Rep 5th Gen, Makerbot Rep2, six Printrbot Simple Metal, Mini-Kossel, Ultibots K250SV (Kassel), Original Prusa i3 MK2S

4.) How and where did you find out about AstroPrint?
Was testing Octoprint and looking online for help when I saw suggestions to use AstroPrint. I was using RPi 2 to test Octoprint.
Switched to AstroPrint, got two Raspberry PI connected to two Printrbots yesterday (3/22/2018) and used mobile app on iPhone to print.
School has more RPi 2 that I can use for AstroBoxes.
No more SD cards, no more tethered to computer.