Klipper support


Is it possible to use the Klipper firmware with Astroprint on a Pi?

I don’t actually know this firmware. Does it offer an interface compatible with Marlin?

It is a Firmware that offloads all kinematic calculation to a Pi.
Can be used with Octoprint.

Ok. I see now, something needs to be installed on the pi to communicate with the controller board. We will look at this as it gets more widespread and manufacturers start using.

You could in theory try it out yourself using our image, installing the Pi portion of Klippler and changing the serial port in /etc/astrobox/config.yaml to /dev/printer

I’ll give this a try as soon as my bed 3D printer build is done.
Thanks for pointing me towards the conf file.

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Hey Daniel, I recently switched from Marlin to Klipper but still love my Astrobox Touch and would like to continue using it. I’ve tried changing the serial port in the config you mentioned to /dev/printer (which is correct for klipper) and saving it but astrobox continues trying to connect to the USB tty port instead. Any suggestions on hacking this together?

Unfortunately we’re not compatible with Klipper at the moment and we don’t have non serial communication drivers.

Are there any updates on this? All of the new printers I will be adding to my farm starting in January use Klipper instead of Marlin.

We will be looking a Klipper next year but not by January. There’s already an OctoPrint plugin with support. With that and the AstroPrint plugin, you can still use those printers with us.