MOD-T Printer Connection


I am a teacher at an elementary school. About a year and a half ago we purchased 8 Mod-t 3D printers from New Matter. New Matter is now out of business. Can I connect a Mod-t printer to AstroPrint to print student creations or downloaded creations? If not…does anyone happen to know the link where I can download software that would work for Mod-T printers?


Have you seen this …


Yes. Astroprint will work with the NewMatter Mod-T printer. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a free account with Astroprint (up to 2GB of files)
  2. Select Mod-t in the printer listings. Then modify settings to x=152 y=120 z=125 nozzel=0.4 extr=1 heat=no bed center zero=on slicer=Cura gcode=Reprap(Marlin and the rest is ok.
  3. I upload my .stl files to Astroprint that I create with Sketchup.
  4. I change the settings in Astroprint to whatever is appropriate for my design (ie: temperature, fill %, quality, etc.) slice the file, and download the resulting gcode file to my computer.
  5. Get a long USB extension cable (Amazon CableCreation (Long 16FT) Active USB 2.0 Extension Cable)
  6. Use the Mod-t printer utility to upload the gcode file that you downloaded from Astroprint


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