Monoprice Mini Delta not connecting


I have a Raspberry pi with the latest (downloaded 3/8/2019) Astrobox image installed. When I go to the connection page, it recognizes the printer as a “Malyan 3D Printer” USB device. However, clicking “Connect” results in a “Connecting…” message forever. I’ve tried connecting using every available connection speed, from 9600 to 250000, with no luck. I’ve also tried rebooting the printer and pi, and refreshing the page. I am able to connect to this printer over USB using Octoprint, so it is not an issue with my printer’s USB connection.


Similar issue someone mentioned not long ago…

I’ve noticed the issue as well and it usually takes a couple of restarts on the printer and Pi in order to get working for a new setup. After first connection it works fine every time after that.