Multiple printers

hi all im new to astroprint and i am in process of moving from octoprint on all of my printers 4 in total

i am wanting to use web gui to control all four printers is this possible ?

at this time i have got only 3 raspberry pi units running 2 on octoprint and 1 on astroprint

if i install astroprnt on all my raspberry pi units each plugged into a printer can i then goto web gui and selct which printer i want the print doing on ? or have i goto setup 4 seperate accounts on astroprint website ?

any help appreciated


Hey @steve_dutton:

Yes, you are correct.

Although, at the moment, the free plan only includes a maximum of 2 printers (More info)

Keep in mind that our PRO plans are still in it’s infancy and it’s likely going to experience many changes in the future.

hi thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:
sadly looks like because of limitations unless pay i will be sticking with 2 printers on octoprint :frowning:

sad realy because i realy like the interface you have with astroprint but then again if i have 2 on octoprint and 2 on astroprint have best of both worlds simpicy of use and also a bit of dabbling and tinkering with octoprint

love astroprint for simpler use though

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Is that two printers running on separate Astroboxes tied to the same account or

Two printers running on the same Astrobox on different ports?


There’s no (easy) way to run two printers on the same Astrobox Gateway due to resource limitations etc.

Well, it seems there is a somewhat easy way of running two printers from the same astroprint box by swapping the usb cables, and changing the setup each time you print to one or the other, but not really at the same time, right?