My printer is not in the list

Hi, I just installed a Pi with astroprint … but my two printer doesn’t exist … I use a BIQU magician Delta and an Alfawise U20, is there a solution tu import the profiles from others softs ? (S3D…)

Thanks a lot !

Yes of course. You can upload GCODE files to our cloud and print from there. We also don’t have all the printers that are compatible. There are a log of manufacturers and models coming up all the time. You can always create a custom printer profile.

I tried to export and upload G-Code file from s3D to AstroPrint cloud… but it strange… the same part directly printed on the sd card is better as the part printed out of the cloud …

There might be some problems with your serial connection between the AstroBox and the printer. We don’t modify the GCODE but it is true that if your serial connection isn’t reliable, there might be problems.

Here’s some tips that might apply to you also:

My problem sounds very different … when I start extruder warm up, bed warm up .after, nozzle go in the corner and after stay here … after that display doesn’t show temp anymore

Ok, I think the best to do here us to go to the AstroBox Web UI (by going to the box’s IP address on a browser connected to the same network) and navigate to Settings / Software / Advanced and enable serial logs. After that clear logs, make the problem happen again and send logs to us. I also recommend that you open a support ticket with us for this:

hi i do not find how enable the serial log in settings

One more info with the astroprint internal slicer, the print start … so it is something wrong in the S3D gcode

I edited my response above with some more details

Hi, I just opened the ticket… and a second, because I’m an idiot …I broke physically the sd card before to backup …

I faced a similar problem like this once. These printers problems are so annoying. I posted my printer problem on a facebook group but didn’t got any solution. So I think there is no way to import the profiles.