New comer who is lost (a little bit)

Hi everybody,

I’m a fresh new comer in the AstroPrint univers ! I made my astrobox touch yesterday and I try to understand how it works !!
I’m a little bit disappointed concerning the process to lunch a print on my CR10S

My old process were:

  • get a .stl
  • Slice .stl with Simplify3D and save the .gcode on SD card
  • Insert SD Card in my Printer and run the print

Now I try this

  • get a .stl
  • Slice .stl with Simlify3D and upload the .gcode in the Design Library in the AstroPrint Cloud
  • On my astroBox, going in “Cloud” and press on the gcode I uploded. But I got a message about printer profil … I don’t really understand…

Can you help me to found an easy process ?
Is there a way to save gcode directly in a folder in the AstroPrint Cloud ?

Thank you very much for you help :slight_smile: