[POLL] AstroPrint Supported Printers: How Compatible Is Your Printer with AstroPrint?

As you know, we now have a dedicated page for astroprint supported printers.

It’s meant to be a detailed matrix/chart indicating a printers compatibility status with AstroPrint.

Question for you.

Is your printer 100% compatible with AstroPrint? If so, what is your printer model?

If not, what works? what doesn’t? what’s the printer?


Please let us know, so we could update the chart :slight_smile:

You can reply on this thread or use the form at the bottom of this page.


Yep Trinus 3d Printer by Kodama is working 100% however just need to make sure printer is turned on first and then the Pi unit and Baud rate is set to 115200

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Excellent! Thanks @Anthony_Campana!

can you use the jmmaker magic with astro slicer