[POLL] - What kind of 3D Printing apps & Integrations would you like to see on AstroPrint?

Just in case you aren’t aware, there is an AstroPrint API in existence. (currently in PRIVATE BETA)

Here’s a (limited) example of what’s possible with the API.

The API allows developers to build free and premium apps, either on the AstroPrint app marketplace OR via an integration on their own web app.

Plenty of developers are already playing around with the API and experimenting.

I’d like to use this thread to discuss potential ideas for apps/integrations using the AstroPrint API that will make 3D Printing more useful/fun. Think of what YOU would find interesting / fun / useful.

This means that, if YOU have an idea that you’d like to either discuss or propose to a potential developer, please post below with as much detail as possible. Also, in addition to the IDEA, try to provide a potential USE CASE.

I’ll start.

IDEA: I’d love to see an app that allows one AstroPrint user to manage multiple users and printers with varying degrees of access.

USE CASE: A teacher with 30 students and one 3D Printer will have issues managing access with their students. So, they would install this app via the AstroPrint app marketplace, setup 30 different accounts under the teachers main, administrative account. From the administrator account, the teacher will be able to monitor individual student stats, printing habits, finished prints etc. for grading purposes.

What integrations and apps would YOU like to see?


I understand Simplify3D is supposed to be the best slicing software. Would be great if they had a version that would work with or be built in to Astroprint.


@Michael_A_Fuselier: Yeah, that’s 100% up to them.

We would LOVE to have some sort of an integration with S3D – unfortunately they are closed source :cry:

Is there a place where it shows what version of Cura, Astroprint is using for it’s slicing?

thanks for this we should. It’s 15.04.6

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I’d love to see a mobile app that gives a notification when a print has completed.

It would also be cool if you could set it so you don’t get the notification until your heated bed has reached a specified cooling temperature

@Matthew_Thompson: Cross platform Mobile apps already exists – but it’s not released to the general public yet.

We released the mobile apps in beta to all of our Kickstarter Backers and the apps are currently going through the first round of stress testing.

Those come with push notifications as well :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!

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integration with some messaging services would be really nice feature for cloud platform.
e.g. Signal and Telegram allow creating chat bots, connected to cloud account you can get notified when print is finished or request informations about print progress or even a photo simply by sending a text message to the chat bot.


Would be nice to be able to control my lights on my printer when a print is started and completed through the GPIO pins


Fan controls. Flow and speed control.

How long does it generally take to be granted access to the API from the time of request? Is it commonly granted? Thanks :smiley:

It depends. At this point before public release we’re trying diversify the types of apps and limit the number of people due to the limited support resources. Having said that, we’re very close to making everything public.

Yesterday we made the first portion of the API public. Here’s some info: https://astroprint.github.io/3d-print-api-sample/

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Would the API allow for the transmission of .obj files to be sliced and printed? Or only stl’s?

At the moment, only STL file(s) are accepted for slicing jobs.

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Is there a projected date when the API will become public? Excited :smiley:


Hopefully by the end of the year?

If you have a specific app you are trying to build, get in touch with @Daniel – he might be able to make an exception for you depending on how clear you are about what you want to build. :wink:

Meanwhile, check out this quick demo of the API :wink:

Under supplies, I would like to see Zyltech added as a trusted partner within the U.S. I’ve had nothing but great experience from them. Their personal touch and prices are beyond any purchasing experiences I’ve had with other suppliers.


Once a print file is created it would be nice to be able to visualize it before printing. Specifically I would like to be able to see the layers as well as all the support features. I currently do not see this functionality.



This functionality is coming in the next version of our Desktop app ( https://www.astroprint.com/products/p/astroprint-desktop ) currently in beta for kickstarter backers but soon to be in public beta

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