[POLL] - What kind of 3D Printing apps & Integrations would you like to see on AstroPrint?


That’s too bad. I only use Chromebooks at home so I am wanting a completely cloud based solution. Hopefully you will be porting it to the Cloud in the future.


Yes, that feature is going to make it to the cloud soon after


Preset Functions or Playslists for printer startup/setup and controls


  1. Preset Temperatures for PLA, ABS, etc. with notifications once temps are met (could be many dependant on machine and brand filament used)
  2. Filmant swap function (i.e. raise hotend, reach plasticity temp for filament req’d, reverse extruder, notify user to pull out remainder, then reverse order on user OK to load new filament with a test extrusion)

I’m sure there are many others such as checking movement or heating functions, bed levelling (potentially) or a test object as a basic built in option that would be of some benefit to people. The key is to integrate with notificaitons which given the development of the mobile app and desktop versions will only be of more use by the looks.


I really like the Thingiverse App, but it would be better (for me) if there was some way to Acces my collections within Thingiverse.


How about integration with Onshape. Either run in an Onshape tab or be able to directly open files stored in Onshape in the Astroprint universe.


What i would like to see, maybe i missed it: Is the possibility to turn a model in the slicer so that it is better printable. But again i might have missed it.


Will it be possible to retrieve information such as nozzle & bed temperatures and time remaining using the API?


@Matt_Romlewski, Yes


Idea: I would love to see the integration with some sort of environmental control system for printer enclosures.

Use Case: To be able to control/monitor internal enclosure environment


Idea: Save to/Print from/Monitor .stl files on the machines SD card.

Use Case: Printing for the SD slot for longer prints (40-90 hour prints) removes points of failure


Integration with Tinkercad. Gcode previewer http://gcode.ws/.


Multiple printers…
My raspberry pi 3 has two more open USB ports…


I second the classroom idea as thats would help me and the kids.

Also yes to multiple printer support either via the pi or direct off a desktop. Id like to use an old pc (got plenty in the classroom) to replace the Pi. If Each printer needs a seperate Pi then thats almost $40 extra i have to scrape/budget instead i could use an old window or linux pc that might be gathering dust.


I am in Brisbane Australia and just recently bought a Cocoon create from Aldi. (Wanhao i3 mini)
Have been using Tinkercad on a chromebook to draw and create stl files and was using the Cura app on my aging pc to slice to gcode. After creating a custom printer on your site and adding the start and end codes Astroprint cut out this middle step. All I need is my chromebook. I work at a school and think the print manager idea is a good one. (similar to papercut management mode.
Papercut is print management software) My 3d printer only accepts files from an SD card so
the print manager job is just collecting the gcode files and writing them to a card for printing.
But it would be excellent for a 3d printer controlled from a PC or maybe directly to LAN
like a laser cutter. It realy needs to be in close proximity to the device, unless the printer has a print release function.


Great suggestions Frank!

Perhaps AstroPrint Desktop would serve your needs? :thinking:


Share settings for printers and materials including ratings by users. Material should be independent from printers, though there can be a material database.

  1. New users can reuse proven setups from experienced users / community. I am using a Renkforce 100 v2, which is not in database.
  2. You can earn money using affiliate links in material database :wink:


Preview, place and rotate multiple STL.
I use AstroPrint as my notebook does not OpenGL 2.0 Neese for Cura. With the 4 features (preview, place, rotate and multiple) I would have a fully cloud based solution running even on a pad.
Especially when importing STL from Thingiverse a CAD program would not be necessary to be involved.


Share printer from AstroBox

  1. As private user I can give access to my printer to my friends each having an own account. Limited amount of print per period.
  2. Upgrade Feature: As a Shop Incan sell my capacity.


I would love to see a print cost estimator. Users could enter the price of filament and the estimator could factor in print time to estimate a final cost.


@Brad1, that’s a great request. Could you add it here: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200094139-Feature-Requests?sort_by=votes so we can see what the community thinks about it via votes