[POLL] - What kind of 3D Printing apps & Integrations would you like to see on AstroPrint?


A plugin for Onshape would be great, so I dont have to download each STL file after modeling it


S3D integration is actually already there. S3D has a post process command that after slicing will call any command you want and pass it the gcode filename. Currently my post process command is scp to copy the file to the uploads directory on my pi, then I use my touch screen to brown the local files and print. Super nice!

This could be easily replaced with an custom app instead of scp that would connect to the API and kick off the print.


Astroprint touch:
screen compatability with PiTFT - Assembled 480x320 3.5" TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

Photo and video streaming to URL (not requiring login)
Multi camera angle support
standalone pre heat automation

Sti file easy slice functions
flip , rotate


I second @BjoernK 's idea of sharing printers. We have many employees who would like to connect to the same machines. Maybe this is possible already through the professional versions?

Other ideas:

  1. Easy connection on corporate wifi systems
  2. Instead of Raspberry Pis, could we use old android / iPhones to run these desktop 3D printers?

I’ll keep thinking of more as I go.