Printrbot 2016 simple (Printrbot pro)


How do I set up my printrbot 2016 simple with astroprint? I can’t stand printrbot cloud


We support the printrbots. You need to get: ( or make: ) an astrobox.

Once you configure the astrobox and link it to an astroprint account, you’ll be able to enjoy 3D Printing awesomeness :slight_smile:

Any problems with the setup we can help


Do you have the baud rates and so forth that are needed to connect to the Printrbot Pro?

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I don’t know because we don’t have one ourselves. I would tell you to ask the manufacturer but in this case that’s not possible.

The most common values for baud rate is 115200, 22500 and 250000. Try all of those and see if it connects.

The port should be auto-detectef


Sadly, I tried every baud rate to no avail. Seems like many others are encountering the same issue. From your original post, it sounds like you folks had success before? Or was that for other Printrbot printers?

I’ve had success running the Printrbot Simple Metal and Simple Metal Plus machines using Astroprint (in fact one print is going as we speak).

Please DO let me know if you folks (or someone in your community finds a solution). I’ll for sure post a solution here if I uncover anything. I did find this thread on the Printrbot Facebook Community with 63 comments, working hard to get to the root of the issue. Sounds board / firmware related:

I’ll keep Astroprinters!



We have a Printrbot simple that work flawlessly. I don’t know what the difference in firmware is with the Pro.


But if I good remember Printrbot Simple Pro is using Printrboard G2 which doesn’t use marlin gcode… It use TinyG commands and I guess that TinyG is not supported by Astroprint in any way.

Hmm it seems that G2 should have Marlin compatibility mode:
But should be correctly triggered during connecting process. Maybe it will be also possible for Printrbot Pro.
And there is also plugin for Octoprint:
Maybe we Astroprint can do similar thing