Prusa i3 mk3s print quality issues using astroprint

So I am having a fairly odd issue with one of my printers when using astroprint. Whenever I attempt to print something using the astroprint web interface the quality of the print turns out rather bad. As if the slicer settings used to slice the software is problematic. If I load the exact same STL file using prusa’s slicer and send the print to the printer the quality is perfectly fine.

Is there any recommendations anyone might have for the actual prusa i3 mk3 printer when using astroprint. I have simply used the included profile that you can select under astroprint which appears to have the printer profile settings synced with prusa.

Everything I am familiar with 3D printing and troubleshooting leads me to believe its something with the slicer itself, but maybe some one more familiar with the inner workings of the astroprint workflow as a whole may know more.


Edit: One other thing to mention, the other printers I have that Ive used astroprint for the quality turns out perfectly fine on.