Prusa MK3 printer support


Power Panic works when you print from SD Card ( directly inserted in the printer ). We don’t interfere but also don’t monitor these types of prints. We will implement our own power off recovery but it’s not ready yet.

There are no conflicts on the other ones but also we don’t support (yet) many of o them.


Any way to upload directly from ABT to MK3’S SD card?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my ABT for my PrintrBot Simple Metal, but adding an ABT to my i3 MK3 is starting to seem kinda pointless.

If the ABT doesn’t support any of the advanced features of the MK3, can’t load gcode to the MK3’s SD card so I can utilize the advanced features, it just doesn’t seem to have a purpose for the MK3. Other than moving the tool head or bed around for convenience, even switching filament can’t be directly done with the ABT as easily as with the MK3’s own LCD click wheel.

I don’t bring these points up to degrade the ABT, but because I really like the ABT and am wondering if these features will be coming at some point. If Prusa is implementing these new features it is only a matter of time before other printers do as well.



First off let me say that we will work on those features as time permits and other more pressing things are out of the way. We don’t have a huge development team.

SD Card printing is not currently supported. It would be hard to do some of the things we do if we simply hand off the print job to another controller.

Having said all that, it’s not useless to use astrobox on a i3 mk3. The main benefit of connecting an astrobox to any printer is the ability to start, monitor and get notified ( or cancel ) remotely along with the overall ease of use of the astroprint platform. The i3 alone won’t give you that.

I use my i3 mk3 with the astrobox all the time.

Of course is up to you what’s more important and I realize that ideally you could have the benefits from both which will happen in due time.