Prusa MK3 printer support


any plans on supporting the Prusa Mk3 series?


Do you have one? It should be supported. We haven’t created a profile for it yet but the AstroBox should support it. Does it not ?


I have a mk3 on the way(not before February) how will astroprint react to power panic, run out of filament, etc.?


We don’t yet support those features in astroprint.


I’m trying to connect to the MK3. Everything starts as normal but when it starts heating, the printer doesn’t respond.


That might be normal. When the printer is issued a heat and wait command, nothing else can be sent. Does it work after it reaches the temperature?


It never heats. It goes through the bed level sequence then just sits there idle. The astroprint interface says it’s heating.


Daniel, did you figure out the problem? I have the mk2 and it is doing the exact same thing. I did notice that it happens every time, like you stated when i select Slic3r. and if i choose Cura the printer heats and starts printing all good but then fails to finish properly.


It had to do with using Slic3r as the slicer when the start GCODE is set for Cura.


I have 2 mk3 and would like to use atroprint… Here is the steps for octoprint, could someone make steps for mk3 ?


I don’t see any steps there. The request is also to connect via UART. We use USB. Have your tried ? If not, enable serial logs then try to connect.

In the latest software image ( just released ) there’s a new experimental marlin/repetier driver that you can select in the printer profile. You can try using that.


The ZERO gets soldered to the motherboard on the mk3. see steps here… so the question is whether the mk3 uart port talks to astroprint and u can see the ip when its connected etc…


I am not sure that they support the Zero, or the Uart on the Zero. Is this something you are working on Daniel?


We’re not currently working on that. We have an MK3 working in the office but using the regula USB connector


Yes I figured. :slight_smile: Doesn’t make much sense to spend time supporting something that is not going to be used by one printer. Now I could see if more and more printers start to use this board (It is open source after all lol), and go down this route, that you might spend the time on it, but for now I don’t see any reason for it.

What I wouldn’t mind seeing however is possibly the chance for you to work with Prusa on integrating with them on the use of their extra sensors? I do know that Octoprint is working with them to create the ability for Octoprint to use power panic, and the filament sensor, and other things to stop prints, and recover when something goes wrong.

Is this possible with Astroprint down the road?


Yes, of course this is why we got that printer. They quite advanced and we want to be able to keep up with them


Any news on this front? Has Prusa been forthcoming with the love, and help? :slight_smile:


I use the AstroBox Touch (ABT) on my current printer and love it! My Prusa i3 MK3 will be here this week and I would like to set it up on an ABT as well.

If I use the ABT to load files over WiFi, and then use the Prusa click wheel to start prints, will the ABT interfere with the advanced features of the MK3 that the ABT doesn’t directly support?


Which features are those?


Features such as Power Panic (Recover from power outage), Filament Sensor, Pause @ Height (Color change at layer height)… pretty much all of the new advanced features of the MK3.

I know AstroBox didn’t support Pause @ Height, or gcode Pause at all for that matter.

Just wondering if there are ANY potential conflicts.