Qidi Tech 1 not recognized

Hey all,

Newb to 3D Printing, and to AstroPrint. I am trying to get it working with my new Qidi Tech 1. I’ve gotten octoprint working with it, but AstroPrint won’t even connect. My setup for AstroPrint is a Pi3 with the obvious USB connection to the printer. I’ve tried changing serial connection rate, etc. I must be missing something, as this printer is listed as supported.

Thanks for any assistance!

Did you try using Ultimaker make and Ultimaker 2 model with the GCODE? Used this setting with a Qidi Tech X-Max and a UART cable from Ada-Fruit (shows up as CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller). Wiring Colors - Black-Ground / Green Tx to Rx / White Rx to Tx. Baud setting 115,000. I can control the printer and send it GCODE - Marlin / Repetier Firmware. Better late than never.