Raspberry Pi Zero W

I recently bought a raspberry pi zero w and do not know how to set it up without another raspberry pi. I want to know how to do a headless setup of astroprint on the zero wifi.What I have access is a microusb cable,a monitor for the pi and a usbhub.I also can acess a computer and the ext4 partition

Well, even though we haven’t tested it (and can’t confirm that it even works fine) a few folks have mentioned that it works.

He had to manually configure WiFi via command line though.

Other than that, you should be able to get most of it working by following this guide.

Just pretend that the Pi 3 (in the guide) is in fact a Pi Zero W and set it all up via Ethernet.

Also, keep us updated on the status :wink:

There is no Ethernet port on a pi zero.I also do not have an adapter that can connect the pi to enthernet


Not sure as I was loosely quoting @Neil from the thread I linked to earlier.

I have Astroprint working on the Zero W with a fixed RJ45 ethernet connection.

He’s the only one I am aware of at getting the Pi Zero W working with AstroPrint.

Hi. This is the procedure I followed.

  1. Image a microSD card with the latest downloadable version (v0.10(4) ).
  2. Put the card in a Pi3, and run the sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get distro-upgrade commands via SSH to ensure latest kernel etc.
  3. Manually configure the wifi using the instructions from @Daniel at this link
  4. To get the pi camera working with Astroprint enable the camera first in raspi-config and then usual setup in Astroprint.

I assume all the above could also be done directly on the zeroW if you have a microUSB to ethernet setup.


I’m sorry but I do not have an pi 3 and the microusb to Ethernet setup seems to not work on the astroprint image.However I did install raspian pixel and the microusb enthernet setup did work. Is there an option to cut Ethernet cables and connect them to the pins of the pi.Or just copy kernal imaged from raspian pixel/jessie

MicroUSB to Ethernet works perfectly on zeroW. I have detailed the steps taken to get the image working but anything related to wiring etc I’m afraid I cannot help. I suggest you either buy a Pi3, a suitable MicroUSB to ethernet setup or wait for an Astroprint image.

OK It ended up being stupid easy once I remembered that the Zero W will share an internet connection.
So you can either hook it up to your computer via USB and share your computers connection or in my case it was easier to tether it to my phone and share the phone internet.
Once it has Internet, SSH or use KB and monitor
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install rpi-update
sudo rpi-update

Once rebooted, but still sharing the computer or phones internet, browse to the Zero W to access the AstroBox interface.
Then settings>Internet Connection to set up your Wifi Connection.
Now you can update to v0.10(7) and should be able to do all the other fun and games with AstroBox.

Only one issue that I see so far is that the WiFi Hotspot says that it is not supported on this device. That may have happened after the upgrade to v0.10(7) but I will have to check when I do my 2nd Zero W.

And I can take photos but not stream video at the moment but that may be the work Wifi.

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I cannot usbssh into my pi but it works with raspian pixel. I will use octoprint for now and will switch to astroprint until the image online is updated

usb ssh can work with raspian pixel

I am also interested in how to tether it to a i phone

Just use the current image and update it within the local Astrobox settings AFTER setup.

Same thing.

@Alex_Liu - good luck with Octoprint. I could not get the wifi setup with Octoprint on the ZeroW after 2 days of trying.

@Frugal - Great work Frugal. Sounds easier than my way :grinning: :thumbsup:

Mow I suddenly had a problem with the astroprint mage where the leg goes solid right when I plug it in

I strongly suggest you just wait till there is an image available that will work straight away with the Zero W

If anyone could provide complete instructions on how to do this that would be awesome. It would be very beneficial to many people new to Pi and Astroprint. Thanks so much in advance, I appreciate it.

All the instructions are already given above in my and Frugal’s posts. If you mean how to SSH etc in to the Pi and run the necessary Linux commands on the CLI (Command Line Interface) then there are hundreds of Youtube videos and web sites explaining that already. You just need to do a bit of leg work and use your search engine.

Trying to use the pi as a enthernet gadget isn’t working on the astrobox image. However,it does work on the raspian image

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How did you tether it to your phone without the desktop interface @Frugal?