Raspberry Pi Zero W


I have my Pi hooked to a monitor and a USB hub that connects a keyboard and a Phone with USB Tethering turned on

The Pi Zero W auto-detected the new internet connection and set it up as usb0

You can verify it with a lfconfig command and that will also give you the IP Address to log into the AstroPrint side after you have done all of the raspian updates.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install rpi-update
sudo rpi-update

Use the browser on the phone to access that IP Address from usb0 as it is an internal address assigned by the phone. Use the phone to setup the wireless in AstroPrint.

I also updated AstroPrint while tethered but I am not sure I needed to.


@Frugal My iPhone is plugged into the USB hub, however the Pi Zero W is not connected to it – any suggestions?

Thanks a ton for your help


Are you sure the hub works with the Pi Zero W?
I have heard of others having an issue finding a hub that worked.
And are you sure that tethering is enabled on your iPhone? Most cell companies get all uppity about it.


I recently just got a pi 3. I did all the terminal commands and also setup astrobox on the pi 3. I then upgraded it to 0.10 (7) ,but it will not show up in the zero

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