Reorient part on slicer bed?


I couldn’t find any info on this but is it possible and how to move or re-orient(flip,reverse,scale) a part in the slicer? I know this can be done in curator but have not been able to do it using astroprint? Thanks!!!


As far as I know the answer is ‘not yet’ when using the AstroPrint cloud slicer…but I believe it is coming…you are far from the first person to ask for this. For now I think you just have to do those changes either in the cad program or use a stand alone slicer and upload the g-Code or re-save the STL with the proper orientation etc before uploading.

Maybe one of the Astroprint guys can chime in and let us know when maybe this will happen.


Ok, thanks for the input. It is a convenience, but with a little forethought I guess I can deal with it for now…


Things will get better :slight_smile: