Simple question re Printer Profiles

So I have x3 Prusa Mk3 printers. In AstroCenter Printer profiles do I need just one i3 Mk3 profile and then associate that with each printer or do I need one profile for each printer. Despite using Astroprint for over 4 years I have always done most of the things locally at the Astroboxes and not delved too deeply into the AstroCenter profiles side of things.

I have set up each of my Mk3’s but when I slice a file using the i3 Mk3 profile ((renamed to Prusa Mk3S) it only gives me the option of one of the printers as available printers. Clearly, I am doing something wrong or simply not understanding the profiles. Also does not really help that the profiles screen is headed PRINTERS but then you have printer profiles which I assumed you could assign to multiple printers.


The slicing print profile is used to create print files off STLs, it defines the settings for a print model. You only need one slicing profile per printer model.

Thanks Daniel. Afraid I still do not understand. If I have multiple Mk3 printers, which are all based on the i3 Mk3 profile why does only one come up as available printer when using that profile?

BTW, all the Mk3s are connected using Astrobox Touch setups, and all are updated to the latest versions. Thanks.

I don’t know what you mean, please share some screenshot

When I was slicing a file online using the Mk3 profile and then sending it to print it was only offering one of the Mk3 printers, despite all being online and idle. However, I have just tried again and now all 3 printers are offered to me. I did not make any changes so confused why it was not working, and confusing me re profiles. But now it is working as expected so all is good. No idea what I, or you :slight_smile:, did but now sorted.

Thanks Daniel and sorry for wasting your time.

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