Support for Anycubic i3 Mega (s)

Hi everyone,

here in Germany (and I think in US too) the Anycubic i3 is real popular - it’s nearly full assembled (only 8 screws!) and it works out of the Box. I have integrated as a custom printer, but everytime i print i get the message that this is maybe a custom printer slice etc. than I got a

fail message and after several time it start.

Can you please support the i3 Mega please!!


This isn’t a problem with the printer at all. The problem is likely your AstroBox’s network connection.

Thank you Daniel, this is mysterious because my box is near the access point (about 1 meter without walls).

Anyway can you add the Anycubik i3 mega? Thanks


Any news about Supporting I3 Mega? Thank you

Any news @Daniel? Can you please add Anycubik i3 Mega to the printers?

Anycubic I3 Mega still isn’t included in printers -

Yes - iam feeling ignored :sleepy: it’s one of the best selling printers on Amazon i don’t understand why :-/

Simply because we don’t have one, the manufacturer is not involved with us. Because of this we have no way to create a profile that can be successfully verified.

Can i help you? We have a hudge Community here just Tell me what u Need

At a minimum we would need the values of the printer profile including start/stop gcode that works for you.

After that If can get advanced slicer settings for the 3 supported qualities for your favorite slicer, it would be even better

Cura 3 has the best settings for the i3 Mega - can you export and import there is a start und end gcode to

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Hi Daniel,

The i3 Mega is listed here so maybe the data is available to you. If not, can you send us a complete list of what is needed?


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No, that list only list printers that can communicate with our controller and are compatible. It doesn’t mean we have a slicing profile for them. As a user, you can create your own custom profile.

Typically we work with the manufacturer to create these profiles in the system but we don’t have a relationship with Anycubic. We would need all the data that our system asks when creating a custom printer profile.

@Paul2 du bist warscheinlich deutsch kannst du mir deine Print Profile einstellungen für den i3 mega schicken?
Lg Hannes

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