Support for Lulzbot Taz Pro

I recently bought a Lulzbot Taz Pro. It’s like the Taz Workhorse, which is like the older Taz 6 that was recently discontinued. Does anyone have the startup/cleanup GCODE or anything else to make it simpler to add this printer to my Astrobox?

Also, the Taz Pro comes with dual extrusion out of the box. Does Astroprint plan on adding dual extrusion any time soon?


I answered my own question regarding startup/cleanup GCODE. Grabbed it from Cura. I created a printer profile based off the Tax 6 settings and Cura 3.6.0 profile. I only had to tweak the bed dimensions and the extruder nozzle size (from 4mm to 5mm). I can’t slice however (using the Cura 3.6.0 profile) using the second extruder (T1) for support.

Specifically, when I set the slicer support settings (again, using the Cura 3.6.0) to use the second extruder (T1) for support, the astropint/astrobox slicer throws an error and won’t create the file. I tried the Cura 15.04 and Slic3r PE1.4 profiles too. They will slice but printer doesn’t start printing. Only the Cura 3.6.0 profile will actually allow the Tax Pro to print… but without support for the second extruder.

Again, I was hoping to be able to print support material using Astroprint/Astrobox and the second extruder, but I haven’t had any luck. My only luck was slicing in a third party application and sending a GCODE file directly to Astroprint, but I’d rather use the native slicer in Astroprint for the Lulzbot Tax Pro.

Has anyone else had any success, or know what I might be missing in order to get this to work?


I created a working printer profile for the Taz Pro. See here: