Timeline for update to Cura 4 engine?

The current Cura 3.6.0 slicer engine in the cloud software is awesome, but it is missing some features from the more modern Cura versions. Since Cura is now up to 4.7.1, is there any plan or timeline for updating the cloud software to the updated Cura 4 engine?

It would also be great to get access to some of the plugins, to enable settings like Z-offset.

HI @Josh_Sylvester, We usually update slicers about once a year. It’s a considerable effort to bring a new slicer online and create all the settings forms required. We will likely update to Cura 4 sometime in the first half of next year.


Thanks for your answer Daniel.
I’m beginner with AstroPrint, but not in 3D printing.

I tweaked cura 3 profile to match my cura 4 standalone profile, but with bad results compared to Cura 4. Not sure if my issues are from AstroPrint or cura3.

It’s a shame since AstroPrint solution is perfect for my use case: I’m trying to have a full iPad workflow using Shapr3D and AstroPrint… a perfect match !