Unable to upload GCODE


great instructions to set up. I’m trying to upload GCODE I sliced in Cura. I go to File Manager on the desktop, I click on upload. I get ! in a triangle. I am so frustrated…couldn’t you extend your awesome setup to include "your first print"
regretting this impulse buy for sure
(unplugging astrobox, putting GCODE on SD and plopping into CR-10)
sorry, but sucking the fun out of all of this


Sorry to hear that you’re not having fun. I think you will one we clear a few things…

You can’t upload GCODE to the cloud at this point unfortunately. You can upload your GCODE directly to your AstroBox via its Web UI.

Cloud GCODE upload is a feature that will be added in the near future.

Your recommendation to add a first print guide is good. I think we added some guidance the first time you enter in the cloud but maybe something is needed when you setup the astrobox too.

In any case, I’m happy to help here if you have problems uploading GCODE to directly to your AstroBox and I hope you start having fun with 3D Printing soon.


I’m so unhappy with this purchase. Now I need to become some sort of network engineer? Do I connect via my router? Do I connect via the Astrobox? How do I connect to the Astrobox to upgrade it, because I have to upgrade it RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX? I wanted to learn about 3D printing…I have no idea how the damn http crap works, and frankly I don’t care. I couldn’t get a button in the app or the dashboard that says CONNECT TO ASTROBOX?

At this point, I cannot figure out how to get GCODE to the Astrobox and then via USB…I think…to my CR-10S. I JUST learned Cura, and I don’t want to be forced to abandon or redo all the settings I FINALLY figured out, because I can slice in the cloud, but not upload GCODE…and I would acquiesce and use your slicer if it was the most recent version of Cura and looked like it was…hell, it may be, I cant tell

You want to help a significantly disappointed, very frustrated, borderline angry new customer? Post EVERY step I need to do from the last step in your Quick Start guide to my CR-10S printing a first layer, assuming I am using Cura. I freely admit I might be doing something wrong…but how would I know?

This is an awful experience. You want to market an Astrobox as an out of the box solution…and yes, I paid for the preflashed version.


@John_Katalinas What exactly did you buy and from where?


I bought the AstroBox Raspberry Pi 3 Kit. I’m trying to be fair, but I am overwhelmed in what it does, where it does it and what it wont do. I am unsure if I am connecting via the web or my local wifi. I cant seem to do anything with Cura GCODE, and I find myself still using SD cards from computer to CR-10. I can’t see video, and I bought a tested and recommended camera. Using the app tends to force me to log on through the internet, no matter if I am on wifi or not. Pictures work occasionally, video rarely works on my computer, and never on my phone. I am not directly wired to the AstroBox.
I want this to be a good solution. I will use the Cura in the AstroEnvironment, if its the most recent version, I really want this to work, but I am super frustrated. I apologize for my ranting, its very frustrating


…bought direct from AstroPrint


Apologies again @John_Katalinas, this is obviously not the experience we want to give.

Let me give you a few pointers to know which interface you’re on. Look in the top-left portion of the screen. If it has an “AstroBox” Logo, you’re in your box’s Web UI, if it says “AstroPrint” you’re in the cloud environment.

Going from the cloud environment (AstroPrint) to the AstroBox Web UI is easy. Go to cloud.astoprint.com, then monitor, you should see your box there. Click on “Camera/Controls” and then in the “Launch icon” ( a green circle in the top right portion of the screen). As long as your computer is on the same network as your AstroBox, this will launch the AstroBox Web UI.

From the AstroBox Web UI, you can upload GCODE and print, then you can monitor that print job from anywhere.

I hope this helps…


Thanks…that is definitely a good tip. You should add stuff like that to the FAQ in a Tips and Tricks section or something


And where does and where does not video work?


Oh man. I just spent the last several hours trying to do the same thing as John. Thank you for posting these instructions on how to upload Gcode. As a new user I don’t think I quite realized there was a difference between Astro Print and Astro Box Web UI. And yes, being able to upload Gcode to the cloud would be very helpful.

thanks and looking forward to my new AstroBox


How do you think we could’ve made this better?


Hey Daniel

Here are my initial thoughts:

I think for starters, in addition to the video at https://www.astroprint.com/abt-setup, you need clear images and step by step instructions. Happy to send some awesome examples of this. Also, you might storyboard the process of different types of users who purchase this and recommend a “best case practice” for any of these users. Example: pro users who own their slicing software should approach it like this, maybe thingverse printers do it like this, and multi printer farms do it this way.

Your mission is certainly more difficult if certain features don’t exist on all platforms. Like if mobile doesn’t support streaming of desktop doesn’t support GCODE. It’s confusing when they all look the same, but yet work slightly different.

The other thing that caught my attention, as a first time user, was the (lack of) hierarchy of commands within the AstroPrint web interface. I wasn’t sure where to go first and its not laid out like anything I’m use to. All the apps visually appear to be equally as relevant. What I wanted to do was to upload a file and print it, however it wasn’t super intuitive to me how to do that. The “design uploader” and file manager seem similar in function and yet very different. Almost like they could be combined. And the print command is hidden beneath a dot dot dot?

I hope you take this all as constructive. I do product design for a living and I’m forced to deal with out of box experiences all the time. Anyway I’m excited to finally have a way to easily keep an eye on overnight prints.

Lemme know if you ever want to follow up offline.


Hi, I just wanted to +1 on this thread. I found the separation of all the different modes/layers very confusing. It was quite a learning curve and frankly, ironically just forgetting it all and going to Octoprint was simplier/easier for me. I do still use Astroprint Cloud with the Octoprint plugin, as the key feature is that I can easily access screenshots (but no video, awwww) of my prints remotely away from local network without mucking with routing settings, VPN, reverse proxies, etc.

Now I’ve figured out that there’s three distinct pieces, all with their own, list of what they can and can’t do, and it was very confusing as a user.

  1. Astroprint Box -> Can get gcode, store model files. Need to sync with Cloud. Can sync profiles with cloud, but not necessary (possible to create duplicates). Some portion Needs Astroprint Cloud Login. Weirdly, print to Astrobox does not work in Cura via API (ie using Cura’s octoprint plugin), but works fine using S3d and slic3r. Shrug
  2. Astroprint Cloud. Needs login. Can monitor via cloud, but didnt realize for the longest time I can monitor direct via box instead on the local network for a better and faster experience
  3. Astroprint Desktop. Needs Astroprint Cloud Login if you want to use the cloud features. Works locally otherwise.

I like to think that I’m very comfortable with technology and can learn things fast (I do work at Google as an technical employee), but I found getting in to the ecosystem very confusing.

What would help is more interactive up front documentation on what portion does what, and what situation you want to use it. Also make it more clear when you’re crossing platforms. The buttons look the same, and only by paying close attention to the URL bar did I realize I was being booted/shunted to the cloud

For example.
If youre on local network and want to get super deep and detailed with latest version of Cura 3.2.1, do this, and that (ie, generate gcode, connect to Astrobox, upload gcode. Warn me to not connect to cloud up front and bang my head against that, because the upload files icon looks idenical)

If you’re on the go, your family member just asked for a benchy toy they saw on thingiverse, do this: login to cloud.astroprint.com, go to thingiverse, search for it, add it, cloud slice, print, monitor from remote to make sure first layer sticks. The key thing here is that one doesn’t need to mess with the astrobox directly.


And +1 also for enabling gcode upload to cloud. I like using my 32-core desktops @ work to run cura to custom slice complicated models, preview layers, vs my (relatively) underpowered home computer which doesnt fully support OpenGL 4.1. Once I got the gcode, its not straightforward to get it to the astrobox outside of the local network.

On the go, when I need to pop out a quick toy print or some print I don’t care much about, thats when I use the upload model to cloud and leave it to the cloud slicer in Astroprint to deal with and print.


Thanks for the great input guys! We’ll huddle around and come up with ways to de-complicate this.


Thanks to the other users…i thought I wasn’t " getting it" I never know which program/access type/interface let’s me do what. I’m not enough of a computer geek to know when and if I am logged in the box, can I go on the web while logged in the box…and how does the mobile app fit into all this? And I still can’t find time lapse…so frustrating, as I feel it could be a great tool, but I just am not understanding. Even a simple table matrix of what interface allows what would be a good step. And can’t we just call them Astroprint Mobile, Astroprint Web and Astroprint Direct? Astrobox is the plastic case filled with electronics. The naming is frustrating. If you want to crowd source questions and suggestions, I am submitting my application to be on the team in the Smart, Inexperienced User that Hoped Astroprint Was Plug and Play. Thanks for listening


Wait @TallDonkey desktop needs cloud log in? Awww jeez, I am so close to surrendering


It does not. Only if you’d like to use it with your cloud files and print to your cloud connected printers


Sorry, Desktop does not require a cloud login, but you can connect it to the cloud if you would like. For me, it was nice because for some reason on that particular day and time (I’ve not been able to reproduce consistently) my Astrobox desktop was not able to see/print to my local astrobox, but could reach it via the cloud, so I was able to workaround not being able to print locally.


As of today, you can also upload GCODE to the cloud and manage it there.