Unstable link to Ender3 new mainboard 4.2.7

I have used my Astrobox (RPi 3B) with my Ender 3 for 3 years without any problems. However, I have just upgraded the Ender 3 to the new 32bit silent mainboard. The Astrobox now keeps losing its USB connection to the printer. Usually it will connect ok at switch-on and usually lose the connection and freeze partway through the first or second layer of the print. If I go into the Astrobox settings it will reconnect, but too late for the print. Printer is fine from an SD card. The Pi has an official 2.5A power supply. The new mainboard has a micro USB connector rather than the mini USB on the original board, so I needed a new lead, but I have now tried several brand new leads and all behave the same. Has anyone else had this problem?

We have gotten a few reports about this. It appears that maybe the serial connection on those boars or the associated firmware isn’t yet stable.

Note that printing from the SD Card is a completely different path and can’t be compared.

Thank you Daniel,
Has anyone tried a firmware update? I was going to try but I appear to have the latest version installed . . . unless it is corrupted in some way.