Upload gcode feature


I know this will appear as a dumb question, although I am unable to find the upload gcode feature in the Astroprint dashboard. I remember seeing it when I first started Astroprint, however it has either vanished or I’m closer to the early stages of Alzheimer’s than I thought. No offense meant. I think I thoroughly searched for previous posts, but I’m unable to find it.


In the astrobox dashboard (this is the .local part) there are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. There is the upload icon you can click on there and search for the gcode you would like to upload or you can drag and drop a file over the icon.

  2. Go into the file manager and there is a button there to upload files including gcode. You can also drag and drop over that button.

Currently in AstroPrint.com gcodes can not be uploaded to the site.



Does someone know when the GCODE upload through the AstroPrint.com website is possible.
This is a huge feature that should be implemented…



+1 for being able to upload gcode to the astroprint site and to be able to print it from there.

Also, the file manager needs to have select ability (check boxes) with select all/none and delete, deleting many files/designs one by one is really painful.


This is supported as of today :slight_smile: