Uploading STL from iOS


I cant figure for the life of me how to upload my .stl file I created on my ipad to astroprint for printing from my ipad. anyone have any idea?


I’m not sure iOS will give you access to the STL created in an app from outside the app. Which app are you using to create the STL?


I created it in shapr3D cad. Then output it to my iCloud Drive. But when I open the AstroPrint ap there is no button to upload. I know it’s possible since I uploaded the .stl to shapeways website with no issues.


So the website works no proble. It just seems like the ap is lacking ability to upload .stl
Any chance to add that?


I need to research a bit more but it appears to be a problem with the iOS platform and uploading from websites


I’m not so sure. If I login to my AstroPrint dashboard there’s an upload icon that lets me upload the stl. It works perfect. When I’m in the app version of AstroPrint there’s no icon. It’s not like it’s failing. I just don’t see a button anywhere that will let me upload. For now I’m using the web version which is great. But like I said, having the option to upload in the ap would be nice.


I see. I misunderstood you. The mobile app does NOT have an upload button, that is correct, we need to add that.