Way to configure minimum speed?


Is there a way to configure the minimum print speed in astroprint? This is an option in the expert settings on cura. I tried to print the 3dbenchy boat and my printer is running full speed during the roof supports and just makes a mess. Tried looking for min speed but can’t find an option for it?


These are the only Speed options under Advanced Slicer Settings


Exactly. Astroprint seems to lack all the functions that cura supports. Can minimum print speed be added? I assume without the option minimum speed must be taking the print speed, so its just printing full speed all the time?


Possibly, at the discretion of @Daniel.

Essentially, yes.


That looks like a different version of Cura. We’re on the stable 15.04 which might not have that setting.

Upgrading to a newer major version of cura will be done carefully in the future.