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Welcome @rob_barnard!

Glad to have you here!

Yup, we are already in the process of a solution for rotating/orienting designs :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!


Hello I am from the Great city of Thornton, in the State of Colorado, in the {once} great US of A. I am mostly interested in 3D printing Cool stuff, I am not very creative my self, but really like the idea of printing stuff that I can use (phone holders, game add-ons, maybe even Cosplay items.)
I am currently using a Creality CR-10, which i love a lot. And found out about Astroprint from You Tube.
I would love to say that Astroprint works Flawlessly with my 3D printer, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it to connect. Honestly i haven’t been able to get my printer to connect to any computer based system. Not my PC nor Astroprint. I am running a Raspberry pi 3, And have a Logitech C270 Camera. The camera will take a still photo, but not Stream live video.When i try it just comes back with oops error.

Sorry this introduction has turned into an error report.
At least i get Still pictures of my print.
Thanks for the Great work on Astroprint.


@Kenn_Kopas: Welcome! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:

For printer problems, please start another thread so we could try to figure out the issue. For 3D Printing ideas, try What should I 3D Print?.


My answers are inserted in the quote above.


@Lee_Reed, Welcome good sir!

Pleasure to have you here! :wink:

Interesting fact: AstroPrint originally started out as a fork of Octoprint :wink: and the main focus is to make 3D Printing simple for non-geeks!



I’m Leonard from Honolulu. I’m retired but part time teaching and doing aquaculture research at a community college. I print stuff that I think about designing for problems we face at work. Example a cover for a 55 gal. drum fermenting fish processing wastes for liquid fish fertilizer, or a screen to prevent small fish from swimming up the intake tube for a box filter in a large fish tank.

Yet I also do stuff like knobs or fobs for key chain. Modifications of objects found online. Much of my designing is done with OpenSCAD… very simple.


Aloha @Leonard_Young! :innocent:

Your applications of 3D Printing sounds quite fun. Plus, the fact that you are in Hawaii can’t hurt either.

Glad to have you here!


Hello everyone i call samuele and i am an italian engineer student, i want to make a different presentation

Ciao a tutti sono uno studente italiano amo la stampa 3D e da poco ho creato un canale italiano per spiegare un po’ come usare e come installare astroprint se siete interessati seguitemi


Welcome @samuele! :innocent:

Thanks for the video!

Now I need to learn Italian!


Hello, my names Chris and I live in oregon, fairly new to 3d printing but long time interest and reaserch. I dont really have a goal for my printers as I am currently only using a tronxy p802e and a tronxyX3 but so far its been a lot of fun aside from some the the headaches that have arisen with these printers.


Cool. Welcome @Chris_Terry! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from Sulphur, Louisiana.

Been interested in 3D printing for many years now, but was only finally able to afford a cheap printer recently. Bought a Startt from iMakr.com. It’s a great little $99 printer.

I’m having a blast learning all about 3D printing, Fusion 360, MeshMixer, OPENScad, Netfabb, Cura, Repetier, and more. It’s been a wild ride these last two months. Can’t wait til I’m better at it.

I’ve played with OctoPrint, and it was pretty cool, but when I had a little trouble with it I found Astroprint and I really dig the interface. Lets hope the features come along as nice.

The biggest thing I would do to improve Astroprint would be to allow for batch prints, and give us a slicing interface to move the prints on the bed and see how they will print like in the stand alone slicers. Or at least allow previously sliced gcode files to be uploaded. That’s the biggest drawback I think right now.


Welcome @Michael_A_Fuselier!

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Be sure to bookmark The Ultimate 3D Printing Cheat Sheet for reference by the way.


Hello everyone! I’ve had my Monoprice Maker Select Plus for about 6 weeks now, and I’m loving the world of 3D Printing. I wanted a better way to monitor/control my printer so picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 and an Adafruit 3.5" screen and here I am, trying to get it all working with the AstroBox image. In hindsight I should’ve just picked up an AstroTouch when they become available, but now I have the hardware I’m looking forward to making my Pi a DIY version!


Welcome to AstroPrint @Grahame_Wright! :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here!

FYI, you can still pre-order the AstroBox Touch if you are still interested :wink:


oh I know, but since I already spent the money on the printer and the Pi/screen I need to try and make use of those before I spend more :slight_smile: I do love the design though…we’ll see what happens…


enjoy Astroprint,
I am from Copperas Cove Texas
I am insterested in printing things that are useful for my son I have already printed him some cartrige holders for his NES and for his Gameboy advance. I have printed useful things for my garage.
I use an ANET A2 printer
I learned about astroprint and Octoprint from the internet and was using Octoprint but I was too complex for me and the video streaming from anywhere sucked. so I am trying Astroprint and like it so far except not being able to control my relay for my lights on the printer anymore. I had them set up to turn on when the print started and then turn off when the print ended using GPIO pins on the raspberry



Cool. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

That’s a great reason for using AstroPrint indeed :wink:



I’m from the Atlanta, Georgia (USA) area and I wanted a 3D printer as soon as I saw one, but I figured that I’d let the market quiet down before buying anything. Well, a few months ago, I was tempted by some videos I saw and a couple hundred dollars later, well, here I am. :slight_smile:

I’m still a printer noob, but I really enjoy being able to open a designer, craft a little whatever that I need for something around the house, slice it, and have it printing within a few minutes. This is as close to “real” magic as I think I’ve ever come. :slight_smile:

I caught a deal on a Maker Select (clone of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2).

How/where did I find out about AstroPrint? Great question! I use a Chromebook as my daily driver. As you may know, installing software on a Chromebook isn’t really possible. (I’m excluding extensions.) So if I want to do anything, it needs to run in the (Chrome) browser. I searched for some designers and slices that meet that criterion and after one slicer ended the print by (unnecessarily, IMO) raising my extruder so high that it smooshed a wire against the gantry, I went to the next slicer on my list, AstroPrint and I really haven’t looked back since.

The reason I came to the forum is because there are times when I think a thicker skirt or a raft might be helpful (e.g., I just had to abandon a Mobius-strip print because of a poor skirt at the start), but when I click on Advanced Slicer Settings >> Skirt and Brim, the fields for:

Number of Skirt Lines
Skirt Gap
Number of Brim Lines

are grayed out. (The only value I can change on that page is for Skirt Minimal Length.)

That said, it was just 10 seconds ago that I realized gray is really just a color and does not mean that I can’t change the value. D’ohhh!

I am still trying to figure out how to make a nice raft like the one that printed with my sample files that came with my printer, as I think that would help a lot with the first-layer adhesion issues I’m running into every so often, so if someone could point me to another thread and/or suggest some starting values, I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks so much for making this awesome software available for free. Once my Budget Director stops frowning at me, I want to go the Astrobox route so I don’t have to keep sneakernetting my microSD card. :slight_smile:


Yo @Andy_D!

Welcome! Glad to have you here on the Forums :slight_smile:

Maker Select is a great budget printer and yes, the grayed out text fields are fully editable.

Thanks for the kind words! :innocent: